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2 years ago

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I've never tried the swing and had a satisfactory sexuality. It does not really talk about fantasies and I was very inhibited J. But otherwise, we get along very well and enjoyed each other's mastishare company, so I'm a little to one side any fantasy of mine. My girlfriend and I like to dance, and twice a month to go to the local freestyles. Saturday night was like most others. We danced together and then separated to dance with other people who meet every two or three dances. Sometimes I sit on the dance floor and just watch. I returned to my seat after a dance and J. Sought was in sight. After a few minutes he returned looking a little flushed. She smiled and said : " We have been invited to a party, after " we wanted to go to the party agreed and went to confirm with your hosts. I watched as she danced with the man. J is 48, but still firm breasts and a flat belly and looks fantastic. Tonight he wore a red harnessNecked dress, a strapless bra, black pants and black dance shoes dance. The red dress looked great and gave the appearance of hair as a beautiful golden color. The dance ended and we went to the short distance to the apartment where the mastishare party was. Normally I do not drink when dancing, but the dance was over and so it went into the kitchen and drinks. The hostess gave us a great vodka tonics and went to mingle. J changed her dance shorts while chatting. About 20 people were there, and drink and laughter flowed constantly. About 2 watch mastishare all drank a lot and people were driving home remained until only three pairs. I sat in a chair across J, chat with the host, the brightness in a large sofa sa candles mastishare in the room with soft light and tenuous. With dance and nights of vodka, fell fast asleep. When I woke up, only three of us left in the room. mastishare I looked at mastishare J. She took his side on the couch, feet on the ground. The host, Steve his with your eyes closed, chin on chest. I closed my eyes and fell asleep for a few minutes. The next time I woke up, had fallen mastishare behind Steve J, arms akimbo on the hips, as they both slept. In retrospect, I think they have awakened and gave us both a taxi, but I closed my eyes and dozed. When I woke up, the candles had burned and the room was almost in darkness, only light of a lamp room. Vi J spellbound, as Steve gently stroked her breast the hand. I know how much they love it and must put a stop to things, but truth be told, I enjoyed watching and wanted to see what happened. Steve seemed to be awake, but J seemed to sleep. I saw the search continued to fondle her nipple for mastishare extra attention. It then moves slowly and loosened the band for the neck, gently allows dropping the red fabric showing her bra. He started kissing mastishare her neck and earlobes, as his hands undid her bra. If the broken lock, which was withdrawn gradually until wa bras to remove from their breasts. It took the chest with his hand, teasing the nipple until it was hard all the time to kiss her neck and shoulder. She moaned slightly as he became more awake. Now his hand moved to her thigh. As his hand slid slowly up and down, up the leg with both feet on the couch, he did the mastishare same and mastishare spoon together. His hand slid the hem of her dress, which had risen above the knee. Slowly, more and slid his hand on the edge, so until I was red thong she could see changes in themselves. His fingers mastishare brushed the tips of thin cloth, gently caressing her vulva. J had recently shaved her pussy and I knew how sensitive her lips. A door opened somewhere in the apartment and Steve frozen until he was sure you can safely continue. When he did, he slipped a finger under the belt and began to explore her clitoris. I knew he had found when she moaned and bit her lip and pushed her ass against him. Th
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